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        Timothy Holding Braided Hose



        contact info

          • No.609 Xingan Road ,Lucheng Light Industrial Zone,Wenzhou City ,Zhejiang Province China
          • Tel : +86-13758897904
          • Fax : +86-0701-5681788
          • Email : sales@braidedhose.cn
          • Website : http://www.lillyfordmill.com

        Synthetic wire hose

        Flexible metal hose ABH-011
        • Flexible metal hose ABH-011

        Flexible metal hose ABH-011 for water 

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        metal hose is a flexible metal line element. 

        There are two basic types of metal hose that differ in their design and application:

         stripwound hoses and corrugated hoses. 

        Stripwound hoses have a high mechanical strength (e.g. tensile strength and tear strength).

        Corrugated hoses can withstand high pressure and provide maximum leak tightness on account of their material.

        01:Wire material:Stainless steel /Alloy/Copper/PVC

            Thread:Polypropylene Fiber/Terylene/Chinlon


        02:Tubing EPDM/NBR/NR/Santonprene/APEX

        03:Color : Plain/Blue/Red&Blue/Red/Yellow/Others

        04:Female: Brass/Zinc/Plastic/Iron/Stainless Steel 

        05:Washer: NBR/EPDM/NR/PVC

        06:Nipple: Brass/Zinc/Nylon

        07:Male:Brass/Zinc/Plastic/Iron/Stainless Steel 

        08:Ferrule: Stainless steel/Copper/Aluminum /Iron 

        braide hose details

        Wire materials

        Inner pipes